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The day of the appointment for Microblading  

  • The procedure usually takes about two hours

  • This is what I normally do:

  • •when you get there I take some pictures of the eyebrows, 

  • •I clean them with alcohol and apply 5% lidocaine ointment for about 15 minutes, •meanwhile I give you some paperwork to fill out, 

  • •we go through a consultation about the shape and color you will like to get. I suggest you bring a picture of some design you like.

  • •I remove the numbing ointment and measure the brows and draw them in. I will show you the shape and if you like it then

  • • I will proceed to start with the microblading, 

  • •after one pass I will leave the color on for about 10 minutes, 

  • •I will apply more numbing gel if needed, 

  • •then I will do a second pass, 

  • •leave the color for a few more minutes, 

  • •clean the brows, 

  • •show you the results, 

  • •take the after pictures and explain the after care, i will provide the ointment for the after care 

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