Facial Treatments

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  • Don't know what you need??
  • Let us decide for you after a throughout consultation and skin analysis the day of the treatment.
Peaceful Facial 60 min. $75

Perfect for relaxation because you deserve it.

For all skin types. Targeted for gentle cleansing, and relaxation.

Includes an exfoliation with an ultrasonic skin scrubber, mild exfoliation mask to help soften sebum and dissolve keratin build-up, facial, shoulder and hand massage, *Eye Serum, *Facial Serum and *Moisturizing Products.

Back Facial 60 min. $75

Either for Relaxation or Acne Issues.

For all skin types. Targeted for deep cleansing, gentle resurfacing and relaxation.

or with medicated products to fight acne.

Includes a deep exfoliation with an ultrasonic skin scrubber, mild exfoliation mask to help soften sebum and dissolve keratin build-up or for acne skin a more potent exfoliating mask or peel, extractions, **Electrotherapy, and Medicated Products.

Exfoliation Facials 60 min. $85

Recommended to deep exfoliate the skin, to remove black heads, remove dead cells, could be for dull, unevenly pigmented skin, sluggish, unevenly textured, sun damaged skin, hyperpigmented, OR for mature skin that has lost elasticity and tone.

Includes an exfoliation with an ultrasonic skin scrubber, microdermabrasion *Medium Strength Peel Mask, Basic Extractions, *Electrotherapy, *Mask, and *Moisturizing Products.

Acne Away Facials​ 60 plus min. $95

For Normal/Oily/Combination or Acne-Prone skin.

facials are customized based on your individual concerns and focused on treating more severe concerns such as acne and clogged pores.

This treatment is not designed to be pampering, it is designed to give real results to real problems on the skin, to reduce breakouts, to smooth and exfoliate dead skin buildup, to loosen pore-clogging debris and hardened oils while killing bacteria and soothing inflammation.

Depending on the severity of the acne is the treatment used with *deep exfoliation, *Deep Extractions, *Electrotherapy and *Medicated Products.

Blossoming Anti-Aging Facial 60 min. $110

Recommended for all skin types showing advanced signs of aging, who are concerned with sluggish skin, dehydration, hyperpigmentation or sensitivity.


Brightens dull skin, supports the synthesis and stability of collagen and helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles, increases tissue hydration effectively plumping and smoothing skin, revitalizes collagen and elastin production.

Includes a deep exfoliation with an ultrasonic skin scrubber, microdermabrasion, *Medium strength peel, **Extractions, **Electrotherapy, *Firming mask, Eye Collagen, *Anti-Aging serum, or leave in *Medium Strength Peel, *Moisturizing Products.


MyoLift Microcurrent Anti-Aging Facial 90 min. $125

For a better younger looking skin regardless of any age.

This facial uses non-invasive facial lifting and toning Micro-Current to empower the skin cells and muscle tissue, stimulates the muscle groups that need help lifting and firming.

Produces electrical signals like those naturally occurring when the body is repairing damaged tissue. It is proven to stimulate cell growth and rejuvenate aging skin. The treatment/device sends safe, painless impulses to the muscles in your face and neck which, in essence, "re-educates" the muscles and restores them. 

It helps to work on toning, firming and boosting of the ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate) and collagen production to support skin correction by encouraging the repair process and fostering the skin into a healthier state. 

Includes an exfoliation with an ultrasonic skin scrubber, microdermabrasion, *Medium Strength Peel, **Extractions, Micro-Current, *Firming Mask, Eye Collagen, *Anti-Aging Serum, *Anti-Aging Moisturizing products.

Deep Strength Chemical Peels $125

TCA, Jessner

Make the following week of light skin peeling well worth it.

Professonal-strength peel is for the client who desires more aggressive resurfacing, lifting, smoothing and exfoliation OR to lift superficial pigmentation, removal of dead skin cells, dissolves clogged pores and helps reverse sun damage.

Remarkable results — and a significant fading of unwanted pigment.

Includes an exfoliation with an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber, powerful and impressive Professional Peel. 

Down Time: Noticeable skin peeling for at least 3 to 9 days and minor flaking for up to another week or so after that. Despite the extent of the peeling, there is no pain or discomfort during recovery. Requires follow-up consultation.

Collagen Induction Therapy (Please refer to Microneedle) 90 min. $250



Please inform your technician of any sensitivities or Allergies to any medications or food.


  •  All facial treatments includes an Opening pressure point Aromatherapy ritual for better relaxation.

  •     Steam and Ozone is used to open the pores and sweat glands, allowing more ozone to enter the body.  As the ozone breaks down and the singlet oxygen atom attaches to and kills pollutants, the open pores and sweat allow for better elimination of toxins.

  •      Must not have any health contraindications to be able able to receive Electrotherapy such as Hypertension, and/or Heart problems.

  • *Products used according to skin type, concern, and targeted improvement.

  • **If Needed according to skin concerns.