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To take this course please text us to reserve your spot

Microblading and Ombré brow Class

Become an eyebrow permanent makeup specialist with the one and only class you will need to take. This is an intense course to cover all basics and advance techniques of permanent makeup brows.

   Learn how to create beautiful Microblading eyebrows, Ombré shading, and Combination of eyebrows with a hand held tool and a pen machine by using techniques that ensure correct brow shape, color, and position.

   Gain an understanding of the proper hair stroke placement, proper needle depth and get the tips and tricks I gather from all the courses I took myself.

   Learn all that’s needed to start a career in the profitable industry of permanent makeup. This course also includes learning the proper application of analgesics and getting hands-on experience with practice skin and live models.

You Will Learn

Blood Borne Pathogens prior to class*

  • Unboxing the Kits

  • Application of topical anesthetics

  • Brow Mapping / Consultation

  • After care instructions

  • Sanitation

  • Understanding of microblading

  • Understanding of microshading

  • Understanding of combo brows

  • Color Theory

  • Pigment usage, color shades

  • Skin Types and tones, Understanding skin undertones that affect

  • Color shades

  • Skin Concerns

  • Fitzpatrick Scale

  • Color correction

  • Use of Permanent Makeup Machine

  • Machine assembly for correct operation

  • Comprehensive needle use and application

  • Identification of parts

  • Machine positioning and skin support

  • Demonstrate implementing pigment onto skin material

  • Ombre technique for shading

  • Use of the microblading tools

  • Different hair stroke patterns, male and female

  • Tool usage demonstration

  • Creating hair strokes for a super-realistic 3-D look

  • Lab Practice & Performance, practice on latex microblading, micro shading and combo

  • Adding life and realism to old brows with hair stroke

  • Correction 

  • Camouflage 

  • Pigment removal with saline.

  • How to correct possible mistakes

  • Reshaping and redesigning old eyebrow

  • Practice on latex

  • Student work on a live model with instructor’s assistance

  • Licensing / Requirements

  • Certification 



**Model Required 3rd and 4th day of class
**Must have completed the blood borne pathogens certification

  • includes a professional kit worth $1,000.00 , class materials, a training manual,

  • & certificate of completion


Education Investment

PRICE: $3500 Cash Only

Reserve your spot with Only $500

the rest must be paid in full prior the class.


  •  Duration: 4 Days- 8 hour per day, divided into two intense weekends with one week of homework

  •  Language: English and Spanish

  •  Location: 233300 Sunnymead Blvd Moreno Valley Ca. 92553.

  •  Prerequisites: Blood Borne Pathogens Certification 

  •  Skill Level: beginner and intermediate.

  •  Course Capacity: 6

  •  Certificate: Yes



-Includes a kit worth $1000

  • Individual support for any questions.

use of the premises to practice with a model in the classroom for six months.

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