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Am I a Candidate for a Permanent Cosmetic 

  • Candidate must be the age of 18 or over.

  • Must not be pregnant or nursing.

  • Must not be on any blood thinning agents in the last 7 days, ask your doctor if you can stop taking them, may bleed. (Example Warfarin,Roaccutane, aspirin

  • Coumadin, Fish Oil, Omegas.)

  • No caffeine before the service.

  • Must not be on any mood altering agents within the last 24 hours.

  • Must not have a history of herpes, cold sores, or fever blisters “for a lip procedure only”.

  • Must not have a history of skin disorders or remarkable skin sensitivities.

  • Must not have problems with healing. 

  • Must not have any permanent makeup up before for microblading.

  • If you said YES to any please inform me before the appointment.

  • Must not have any previous problems with tattoos/permanent makeup.

  • Must not have cancer or currently be undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

  • Not using Retin A or alpha-hydroxy skin care products.

  • If taking fish oil needs to stop taking it at least two weeks prior.

  • Must not have diabetes, if so a Doctor’s release must be presented.

  • Not have had a chemical laser peel in the last 30 days. 

  • Cannot wear contacts lenses “for Eyeliner Procedures”.

  • If you are Within 3 days of Menstrual Cycle (you may be more sensitive)

  • No kids or pets for safety reasons 

  • Must be able to lay down flat for long period of time

Microblading is not Advisable for Extremely oily skin.

How do you know if your skin is extremely Oily?
  1. Pores are visibly enlarged, especially on your nose, chin and forehead

  2. Makeup doesn't stay on and seems to “slide” off.

  3. The oilier areas of your face have blackheads, pimples or other types of acne.

Permanent Makeup Policies

Permanent makeup is all about you! We want to provide you with the highest standards of service and personal care, in the most professional environment so that you will return and recommend our services.

Cancellation – If you have an appointment, this time is reserved exclusively for you. In the event that you must cancel your appointment, we require a 72-hour cancellation notice in advance for services.

Late Arrival – Arriving late will deprive you of valuable service time. As a courtesy to the next guest, your treatment will end at the time originally scheduled. Late arrivals may be rescheduled, or the remainder of the service time may be used at full price.

Children Under 18 – Due to liability reasons no children under 18 are allowed in the treatment area.

Cell Phones –Cell phone use is not permitted while permanent makeup services are rendered.

Permanent Makeup Done by Another Technician – Recoloring permanent makeup done previously by anyone else is not “just a touch-up” since it is not the original work of our Provider. Therefore, fees start at the new permanent makeup prices.

Two or more appointments may be necessary to achieve and complete most permanent makeup correction procedures.


Note: Permanent Makeup Maintenance / TOUCH-UP – Touch-up’s are not included in the original procedure fee.

Pricing – All prices quoted are subject to change without notice. All purchases and services are final, andthere are NO refunds.

Additional Treatment Policy

  1. We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone.

  2. Two or more appointments may be necessary to achieve and complete most permanent

    makeup procedures depending on each person’s skin. Touch-up fees will apply.

  3. Since scar tissue is abnormal, multiple sessions are usually needed to achieve satisfactory results with medical grade tattooing/camouflage.

  4. Only clients receiving service will be allowed within the treatment room.

We want to provide the best relaxation atmosphere for our clients. Thank you for your understanding.
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